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National Rail | station code COS

Shropshire Offers & Links

RAF Museum ¾ mile

The RAF Museum at Cosford is housed in wartime hangers with displays of aircraft and other exhibits. Explore the story of the Royal Air Force and those who have served in it. National Cold War Exhibition. Events programme. Admission free.
Open Daily 1000-1700 (1600 Nov-Feb).

White Ladies Priory EH 2¾ miles

Ruins of the late 12th century church of a small nunnery of Augustinian Canonesses - the 'white ladies'. Admission free.
Open any reasonable time during daylight.

Boscobel House and The Royal Oak EH 3½ miles

The picturesque timber-framed Boscobel House and its Royal Oak Tree became famous as the hiding places of King Charles II after the Battle of Worcester in 1651. A descendant of the Royal Oak can be seen. Victorian farmyard. 17th century knot garden. Tearoom.
Open Apr-Oct, Daily 1000-1700. Nov-Mar, SSu 1000-1600.

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Rural Retreats
Rural Retreats
Rural Retreats