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Offers and Discounts

25% off Annual Membership of Royal Horticultural Society. This covers admission to many RHS Partner Gardens as well as their own gardens including Wisley.

Save money on train tickets

Check if you are eligible for a Railcard which gives discounts on many train tickets.

For short distance leisure day trips an Off-Peak Day Return is likely to be the best choice. These are flexible tickets allowing travel by any train, subject to Monday-Friday time restrictions (for example travel after 0930), return by any train the same day (in a few cases there are afternoon peak time restrictions). They are available at the same price on the day of travel and do not sell out.

For longer distance travel you may find cheaper Advance tickets are available, these usually go on sale up to 12 weeks before the day of travel. They may offer good discounts but restrict you to travelling on a specified train for all or part of your journey. I recommend checking the price of an Off-Peak Return (especially for day trips) because this may cost little more (or even be cheaper) than two Advance Singles and it is much more flexible, allowing travel by any train subject to the time restrictions applying to the ticket.

With some care it may be possible to make savings with 'split tickets' where you buy two or more tickets to cover one journey. Note that trains MUST stop at the station where the tickets change over and I recommend using a ticket seller which specialises in finding savings with split tickets such as Raileasy.

Travel planning links

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National Trust Holidays
National Trust Holidays
National Trust Holidays

London travel

Travel entirely within Greater London zones 1-6 is simple and great value with an Oyster card or Contactless (bank card or mobile device). Note that each person paying a fare must have their own card or device. Accompanied children under 11 travel free on London buses, tube, DLR (Docklands Light Railway) and some National Rail services (including London Overground) - take them through a wide barrier with a fare payer (or ask a member of staff), do not attempt to take them through a standard barrier as this is likely to close on the child. For children aged 11-15 you can ask a member of staff at a tube station to set a Young Visitor Discount on an Oyster card, the discount lasts for 14 days. Find full details on the TfL website by choosing the 'More' tab and then 'Visiting London' (the obvious Fares tab is mostly for people living in London and may be confusing).

If you have a Railcard (except a Network Card) or Annual Gold Card season ticket it can be added to an Oyster card for discounted off-peak fares. You'll need to register the Oyster card first and then ask a member of staff at a tube station to set this up for you, it only takes a few minutes.

For a London day trip from outside Greater London the best ticket is usually a One Day Off-peak Travelcard allowing one return journey into London (after the morning peak Monday-Friday) and unlimited travel within London zones 1-6 by all modes (tube, bus, DLR, tram and train). There are no afternoon peak restrictions within zones 1-6 but some of these tickets have peak restictions for the return journey leaving London.

London travel links

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2FOR1 admission at London attractions

This promotion is run by the National Rail train operating companies and you must have paper Travelcards or tickets to use it, note that Oyster cards and Contactless cards/devices are NOT valid for this promotion. For many visitors staying in central London a 7-Day Travelcard for Zones 1-2 will be suitable (it allows unlimited travel by tube, bus, DLR and train), like all National Rail season tickets this requires a photocard which will be issued free of charge when you buy the ticket, bring a passport size colour photo but it doesn't need to be passport quality so printing at home is fine. If you are staying in central London you can buy this paper ticket at the major National Rail stations but make sure you go to the National Rail ticket office (above ground), NOT the Underground (tube) station downstairs!

You can pick up leaflets for the 2FOR1 offer at National Rail stations or visit the website to see the attractions it covers.