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Edenbridge Town

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Edenbridge has two railway lines with separate stations, the distance between the stations is ¾ mile.


Eden Valley Museum 1 mile (½ mile from Town station)

A 14th century farmhouse containg a social history museum of the Edenbridge area.
Open Feb-Dec, WF 1400-1630, ThS 1000-1630.

Emmetts Garden NT by bus then 1 mile

A charming Victorian garden with the highest treetop in Kent. Spectacular views. Tearoom. Tel. 01732 751507.
Open Daily 1000-1700 (dusk if earlier).
Bus go2 demand responsive bus from near Station to Ide Hill, then 1 mile by road and footpath. M-S, about 20 minutes journey. Book by telephone or app when you are ready to travel, see
Buses also operate from Sevenoaks.

Visitors using the footpath should follow signs to the exit to buy their tickets at reception.

Ide Hill NT and Toys Hill NT by bus

The map shows paths through the NT woodland to view points at Ide Hill. The NT woodland at Toys Hill is about 1 mile from Ide Hill, along the Greensand Way footpath.
Open at all times.
Bus see Emmetts Garden above.

Edenbridge map Ide Hill map
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