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London to Chartwell by train and bus or taxi

Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, is a popular attraction. It is not near a station but there are several bus services from stations to Chartwell and I have picked the easiest routes for visitors from London.

Chartwell is open from 29 February to 1 November 2020, Daily 1000-1700, House from 1130 by timed ticket (available on day from visitor welcome centre or see website to book in advance).

All visits to Chartwell must be booked in advance until further notice, see the National Trust website for details:

Updated bus and train times will be shown on this page once the 2021 details are confirmed. Meanwhile the old 2020 times show roughly what to expect.


Buses from Oxted station stop ½ mile from Chartwell, please see the times below.

to Chartwell, Monday-Friday


The nearest bus on Saturdays is to Westerham, then it is a 2 mile walk to Chartwell. Buses to Westerham operate from Bromley N/S, Hayes, Oxted and Sevenoaks stations.

Sunday & Bank Holidays*

Hourly buses from Bromley South and Hayes stations operate all the way to Chartwell when the House is open. This is the easiest route, please see the times below. The bus passes Biggin Hill Memorial Museum which tells the story of the fighter station's important part in the Battle of Britain, look out for the replica Spitfire aircraft by the Museum entrance.

to Chartwell, Sunday & BH

* The 2020 Bank Holiday dates are: 13 April, 8 May, 25 May and 31 August.

Photograph of Chartwell



Taxis can be used daily from Oxted and Sevenoaks stations, both about 7 miles from Chartwell. For telephone numbers of local taxi operators please see the station posters:

Oxted station poster Sevenoaks station poster

Monday to Friday: to Chartwell via Oxted

29 February to 1 November 2020

London Victoria 10201220
Clapham Junction 10271227
East Croydon 10401240
Oxted 11011301
Bus 236
Oxted Station 11201320
Mapleton Road* 11371337

* = Chartwell is ½ mile (about 10 minutes walk) from the bus stop.

Bus 236
Mapleton Road 14201720
Oxted Station 14371737
Oxted 14531753
East Croydon 15151815
Clapham Junction 15261826
London Victoria 15321832

Travelcards and Oyster cards cannot be used to Oxted and on bus 236.

The times of trains and buses are provided in good faith but errors are possible and they may change, please check before you travel with National Rail (trains) and Southdown Buses (bus 236).

Oxted map
Westerham map

Sunday & Bank Holidays: to Chartwell via Bromley South or Hayes

On Sundays and Bank Holidays* when Chartwell House is open bus 246 operates from Bromley all the way to Chartwell, passing Bromley South and Hayes stations (both in London Zone 5). Bus 246 is a Transport for London route so London Travelcards and Oyster cards can be used on the bus to Chartwell, despite it being several miles outside London.

Beware that engineering work sometimes affects Sunday and Bank Holiday train services so you should always check the train times with National Rail Enquiries before you travel.

There are slower trains to Bromley South from Blackfriars.

* The 2020 Bank Holiday dates are: 13 April, 8 May, 25 May and 31 August.

Photograph of Chartwell Golden Roses

Chartwell Golden Roses

Sunday & Bank Holidays via Bromley South

8 March to 1 November 2020

London Victoria084009401040and
Bromley South 085709571057then
Bus 246 hourly
Bromley South 092910281128
Chartwell 101311141215
Bus 246
Chartwell 1220and 16201720
Bromley South 1307then 17051804
Train hourly
Bromley South 1326until 17261826
London Victoria1348 17481848

The times of trains and buses are provided in good faith but errors are possible and they may change, please check before you travel with National Rail (trains) and Transport for London (bus 246). A timetable for bus 246 is available from London Bus Routes. Always check weekend and Bank Holiday train times because they may be altered for engineering work.

Bromley map

Sunday & Bank Holidays via Hayes

8 March to 1 November 2020

Trains operate from either Charing Cross and Waterloo East, or Cannon Street, plus London Bridge to Hayes. Please check train times for your date of travel with National Rail. Simply enter 'London' as your 'From' station to see the options on your chosen day.

Bus 246
Hayes Station 094010391139and
Chartwell 101311141215hourly

Bus 246
Chartwell 1220hourly16201720
Hayes Station 1255until 16551754
Hayes map

FAQ: I have a 7-Day Travelcard for London Zones 1-2, can I really use it for travel on the bus to Chartwell?

Yes, you can use it because bus 246 to Chartwell is a London bus route and zones don't apply to buses.

However, you will need to pay for the train journey from the boundary of zone 2 to Bromley South or Hayes (both are in zone 5).
If your 7-Day Travelcard is on Oyster just make sure you have enough PAYG (Pay As You Go) credit on your Oyster card (£6 will be sufficient for the two train journeys). There are no barriers at Hayes so take care to touch-out and remember to touch-in when you return.
If your 7-Day Travelcard is a paper (National Rail) ticket show it at the ticket office and ask for a day return from 'Boundary Zone 2' to Bromley South or Hayes. Use your Travelcard to start your journey in London, then switch to the paper ticket marked OUT to exit at Bromley South or Hayes. Start the return train journey with the RTN paper ticket, then your Travelcard in London.

Greater London Bus Map

Complete London bus network
with enlarged central area.

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